Put your pixel on anything.


Target ads to those who have clicked any of your shared content.

Only Email Required!
No Credit Card Needed!

How it’s done

Drop any link you want to share into Zingly

Share your Zingly link on social media, email, even print ads!

Reach and retarget users who have clicked on your Zingly links!

Perfectly Suited For:

Check mark symbol Web Analysts
Check mark symbol Marketing Consultants
Check mark symbol Start-Ups
Check mark symbol Digital Marketers
Check mark symbol Marketing/PR Agencies
Check mark symbol Musicians

Where can I use Zingly?

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Zingly Frequently Asked Questions

What is Zingly?

Zingly is a robust remarketing and retargeting tool that maximizes your reach to potential customers, users, and fans in a way no other tool has done before. Zingly helps you create a more active retargeting list of users who have engaged in showed interest in your business or niche. What makes Zingly unique is the ability to gather retargeting data BEYOND your website.


Any link you share on social, email, and forms gathers this data for your next ad campaign. Pretty much anything that has a URL!


Use Zingly in your:

  • Social media posts (business or professional!)
  • Newsletters
  • Cold/warm/everyday emails
  • Digital signature
  • Instagram bio
  • Print ads
  • Blog posts
  • Guest posts
  • Any CTA or link on your site


How long does it take to setup Zingly?

Two Minutes – Even if you haven’t used a pixel in the past. We will guide you through the exact process through sign up, to install, to using it in your everyday marketing efforts!


When can I use Zingly?

Zingly is currently in closed beta. We are inviting users based on their waitlist position in this early access phase. You can request access to the beta by signing up with the email above. To move ahead in queue you can sign up your friends! Invite friends to sign up for Zingly and get access to our app before anyone else.


How much does it cost?

We are offering free access to Zingly to everyone that participates in our closed beta program. After the beta period, you’ll receive an additional month of free. If you upgrade your plan after your free month you will become one of our “Founding Partners” and will have a dedicated page on our site with your name, business, and URL. Remember, the more people you invite, the higher your position in the waitlist goes!


Is it really unlimited?

Yes – with one affordable plan you can generate thousands of new potential leads who have already been warmed up to who you are and what you offer. In turn, we hope you can give us some constructive feedback on how we can make Zingly even better.


Do I need any technical experience?

No – We have easy to understand documentation that will make the process of setting up your account simple!


Do I need to be running ads to use this tool?

No – Even if you are not currently running ads you can still be using our tool to generate users to retarget to in the future. Use it when it is convenient!


How do I get free Premium Access to Zingly for a year?

Write about our tool on our blog or write a blog post for us! Contact us for more information.